Gowtham (Gauti) Selvaraj front-end, ruby & rails developer from Auckland New Zealand with a good eye for design

Howdy, I’m Gowtham {Gauti}
from Auckland, NZ.
I'm a front-end developer
as well as a Rubyist

with a good eye for design.

My Brain Split

Left Brain 50%

Abilities associated with the left brain
  • Logic
  • Critical thinking
  • Numbers
  • Details

I utilize it for

  • JavaScript / CoffeeScript
  • Ruby / Ruby on Rails
Gowtham (Gauti) Selvaraj skills include javascript, coffeescript, css3, scss, html5, ruby, rails, jQuery, Node.js, AngularJs, bootstrap.

Right Brain 50%

Abilities associated with the right brain
  • Creativity
  • Images
  • Color
  • Intuition

I utilize it for

  • CSS / SCSS

Recent Works

HTML5 CSS3 SCSS JavaScript CoffeeScript jQuery

Carry is an online peer-to-peer community that connects people who want to ship with travelers who can carry the packages for them. This process allows packages to be shipped to more places than ever before, on a moment’s notice, with unprecedented communication and tracking. Travelers benefit by having the opportunity to earn money for their trip, or even travel for free when they carry larger packages or multiple items.

HTML5 CSS3 SCSS JavaScript CoffeeScript jQuery Ruby Rails

RiverBoss features all 9,048 rivers, creeks and streams monitored by the US Geological Survey, supplemented with NOAA current weather conditions and extened forecasts for each of these locations. RiverBoss store a huge amount of data that is delivered almost instantly via an in-memory database.

It has been
6 years
6 months
14 days
15 hrs
35 min
I started working with web apps

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